Saturday, April 25, 2009

let go shopping!!

there are many thing that make u CRAZY..

Hilary Duff carried her handbag..

As long as there are celebrities, there will be hot handbags right by their side. Whether running errands or attending red carpet affairs, this latest batch of stars aren't shy about their purses. The selection ranges from bright red to snakeskin, satin to designer logos


Guess collection...
enjoy to see it..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


 My handbag.......



The GUESS? retail environment has found a familiar home in both freestanding stores and in in-store shops in some of the world's most prestigious malls and department stores.


GUESS? is inspired by the high energy and style of the people who work for the company. GUESS? people make it happen, keeping the company on the forefront of innovation, setting trends, and wrapping the world in their unique style.

Since its inception in 1981, GUESS? remains a company that takes pride in the bright, talented and creative people that make its enormous success possible. In every department, from in-house advertising to global marketing and licensing, design, production and sales, GUESS? employees go above and beyond expectations. Maintaining the company's high standards comes naturally to employees who consistently pour their creativity into producing exceptional work.

GUESS? is service-oriented, listing toll free numbers for customers to call for online assistance. GUESS? takes responsibility for ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for every customer. At the retail level, GUESS? specialists are available for assistance and consultation in every GUESS? boutique.

It is this top down philosophy that fuels GUESS?' commitment to quality and creativity. These fundamental principals make for an exciting working and shopping atmosphere.